America, a country of immigration

Dear CHS students,
as part of the GAPP exchange, we would like to compare your views on the topic of migration and refugee policy with German students' views.
Please answer these questions honestly. Your answers will be used anonymously and in strict confidence.
Thank you for your participation!

1. How old are you?

2. You are ...
male female

3. What is your residence?
condominium own house
rented apartment other:________________________________________

How would you feel about the following people moving into the house or apartment next door?
like itdoesn't matterdislike it
4. Immigrants from Mexico
5. an American family
6. a same-sex couple (gay, lesbian)
7. an American family living on welfare
8. an African family
9. an Asian family

10. How satisfied are you with the current political situation in your country?
absolutely 123456 not at all

11. What is your religion?
none Buddhist
Catholic Hindu
Protestant Jewish
Muslim Other:______________________________

12. For how many generations has your family lived in the USA?
for one generation for three generations
for two generations for more than three generations

13. Which country would you emigrate to (if you had to)? (You can pick more than one answer.)
Germany Poland
Australia France
England Brasil
Japan South Africa

Please rate the following statements according to your own attitude:
I agree whole-heartedly123456I disagree whole-heartedly
14. EVERYONE coming to our country should be respected and supported.
15. Immigrants without valid visa/asylum should be allowed to stay in our country.
16. I could imagine to emigrate because of the political situation in my country.
17. I would expect the support of the country I would emigrate to.
18. I think my country and its society are dealing well with immigrants.

19. How integrated into society do you feel?
absolutely 123456 not at all

Now we have some final questions about the life and culture in the USA. Are they true or false?
truefalsedon't know
20. The American President Donald Trump is a Democrat.
21. Tom Brady is a famous American singer.
22. The Democrats are against minorities and equal rights for everyone.
23. The national anthem starts with the words: "O! say can you see..."

24. You are ...
German American

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